Hello! I’m Sanna from Finland.
I am surface and graphic designer and entrepreneur in my own company Sopiva Design. The firm has been running already for 13 years in Helsinki Finland. We are a team of two designers with my spouse, handling illustration and graphic design.
Pattern design was the starting point to go for a design career when I was teenager. My heart started to bounce for patterns, and I screen printed some 40 m fabric in one summer holiday in our balcony. After high school my original studies were in cloth design. After graduation I worked as a costume designer in the theater and film industries for 8 years.
Later, I turned in to graphic design in year 2000 and worked in advertising for five years. Then made two lovely daughters and started my own company, Sopiva Design. Because my dreams are filled with patterns, I needed to build this own space in web to solely present my patterns to audience.
My main inspiration comes from plants and nature. I have some 50 houseplants in my studio and another 50 at home. Many of the plant friends have been with me 20+ years… and I constantly grow new ones.
Outside of the studio I love to make small daytrips to woods with my family, cross country skiing in the wintertime, plant seeds for the balcony flowers in spring, enjoy summer along seaside and pick mushrooms in autumn.
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